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This is the homepage that goes along with the book "das Fahrrad | the bicycle | le vélo | la bicicletta | 自転車 ".
Here I want to provide some information that did't make it into the book.

Although the book is in five languages (german, english, french, italian and japanese), this site is in english only. At this point of time building a five language website is a little too complex for me, so I decided to keep it in english - this is probably the language that is the most known within the five mentioned. My mother tongue is german, so please pardon if my english is not perfect.

You will find pictures (this might be of interest for all those, who don't already own the book) and some more information about the book here.
On the news page I will list such facts as found errors or (hopefully good) reviews about the book.
Places where you can buy the book are displayed here.
I couldn't have made the book without some helpful people and useful websites - here you can read more.

I hope the content you find there will constantly grow, in the moment (December 2014) it is of course still little.

There is also a page for the book on facebook. Like it, if you want …

Thank you for visting!



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